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Stripping and Buffing Floors

Stripping and Buffing Floors

Shiny Floors with an Environmentally Friendly cleaning system

Linoleum Tile Floor Buffing from Control Janitorial in Barrie, Ontario

Used in conjunction with regular carpet cleaning, linoleum tile stripping and sealing can add years of life to your floors. If you have a well used linoleum floor, and replacing it with ceramic tile is not in the budget, contact Control Janitorial. We will rejuvenate your floor by stripping off the yellow film and will replace it with a clear bright acrylic seal that will last up to a year.

Arrange for us to visit once a month to buff the floors and bring back that original shine.
If you have just moved into a new office in the last year or so, the floor should be sealed as soon as possible. Doing this will protect the tiles from prematurely aging and discolouration. Call for a free estimate to have your new floors sealed and protected today. Estimates are free, service calls minimum $65.00.

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Last Updated On: September 07, 2016