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Marmoleum Floor Cleaning

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning

Restore the beauty in your Marmoleum Floors!

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning in Barrie, Ontario from Control Janitorial

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning will give your Marmoleum floors that shine it once had!

Bring the warmth and richness of those gorgeous floors back into your store or office! Our cleaning process will loosen and remove stuck on dirt and grime and sweep it away never to be seen again! By employing the cleaning services of Control Janitorial, you are protecting your marmoleum floors from permanent scratching allowing your floors to be safe, and last longer!

When our professional staff are finished with your marmoleum floors, the brilliant shine will make you wonder why you hadn't called us earlier! So don't wait, call Control Janitorial in Barrie, Ontario today!

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Last Updated On: July 04, 2016