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Encapsulation Cleaning Technology for Carpets Encapsulation Cleaning Technology for Carpets

Encapsulation Cleaning Technology for Carpets

Keep your businesses carpets cleaner, longer with our Encapsulation Cleaning technology solutions

Control Janitorial Barrie, Ontario features Encapsulation Cleaning technology from Releasit for carpets

The carpet in your facilities provides a combination of beauty, vibrant colour and comfort for employees and guests. Proper maintenance of your carpeting investment will provide extended life and performance.

Most dry soil in a commercial setting can be readily removed by routine dry vacuuming. It’s the oily and sticky soils that attract and hold dry soil to the surface. The result is a dull, grey, and ugly appearance. The first step in effectively cleaning any carpet is to counteract sticky soils. With Encapsulation Cleaning technology from Releasit now we can! The encapsulation chemistry that Control Janitorial Barrie uses surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes so it can’t attract other soil. Releasit breaks the bond that holds sticky soil to the carpet. Sticky soils are consumed by Releasit's encapsulation polymer which release from the fibre and are easily extracted with normal vacuuming. And since there's no dirt attracting residue left behind, the carpet stays cleaner, longer.

For more information about Encapsulation Cleaning technology and Releasit for carpets contact Control Janitorial Barrie in Barrie, Ontario

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Last Updated On: October 24, 2016