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Janitorial Service with Fully Insured Employees

Highly Trained Employees to Reduce Occurence of Accidents

All of Control Janitorial's employees are fully insured. You won't have to worry about getting caught in a tight situation with uninsured workers if something were to happen. As well as being fully insured, Control Janitorial's employees are highly trained to spot areas that may cause injury and to assess the situation to ensure that does not happen.

Control Janitorial is covered:

- WSIB Compliant
- $2,000,000 General Liability Coverage
- $10,000 Services Blanket Bond
- WHMIS Compliant

Trust local Janitors!

Control Janitorial keeps more of your money in your community

By hiring Control Janitorial local staff you keep 68 cents of every dollar in your community! By hiring chain companies only 43 cents stick around.

Trust the local guys, hire Control Janitorial in Barrie, Ontario and keep your money near you!

Stay Local, Be Green

When you hire Control Janitorial, you are using locally purchased products

By using local products and services we keep your money circulating through your community, which means more money keeping Barrie beautiful. Using locally purchased products also means we cut down on our carbon footprint by not shipping in products!

Call Control Janitorial in Barrie, Ontario for a local janitorial team that will go above and beyond your expectations!

Improve your neighbourhood

Hire local janitors and improve your community!

By working with local janitors you're supporting a business of people working towards a lively and healthy place to call home, just like you!
Go for local, hire Control Janitorial in Barrie, Ontario!

Products used by Control Janitorial for Carpet Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning Solution in Barrie

Control Janitorial uses a product for cleaning carpets and ceramic tiles that is safe and efficient for commercial grade carpets. The product is Ideal for commercial carpet maintenance. It deeply penetrates the fibres cleaning as it goes. It dries to a crystallized residue and is vacuumed up afterward. No rinsing is required. Reduces wicking and recurring spill stains. Safe for all types of synthetic carpet fiber. Non-sticky residue will not attract other soil.

Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

Control Janitorial in Barrie uses products that are safe and environmentally friendly

We all want to protect our waterways and landfills from toxic waste products. That is why Control Janitorial uses products that have a minimum of impact on our landfills and water disposal. The only harsh cleaner we use is a toilet bowl cleaner for hard to remove rust stains. The active ingredient is 20% Phosphoric Acid which when released into the water system becomes neutral. The other cleaners we use are neutral floor cleaners, glass cleaner and a descaler for removing soap scum. The rest is totally natural elbow grease.
Choose to have your office and place of work cleaned and sanitized with the best products available and reduce waste and pollution at the same time.

Workplace Safety

Control Janitorial in Barrie is compliant with WSIB

Workplace safety is a priority with Control Janitorial. Employees are instructed in the proper use and handling of machinery and products.
Although injuries are possible, they are non-existent in our workplace at this present time. We have enjoyed injury free workdays since 2003. However if there are any incidents of injury they are reported immediately after the employee has been taken care of. All precautions to follow the law and ensure the safety of employees is taken into consideration

Restroom Cleaning

Control Janitorial and Kaivac Systems

Regardless of whether it's a school, office building, industrial building, or other type of facility, dirty bathrooms are a major problem. Not only are they ugly, they're unhealthy and unsafe, and any contaminants and bacteria make their way throughout the building. Control Janitorial offers the superior Kaivac system for your facility.

Over the years people have been attempting to improve mopping for restroom cleaning, like double buckets, filtering mechanisms, and so on but they don't really solve the problem.

The only way to really address the problem is to physically remove the soil from the surface. That's why Kaivac's patented cleaning technologies are designed for rapid, complete soil removal. In fact they've been scienctifically proven to be 30-60 times more effective at reducing bacterial contamination than other methods.

There's no longer any excuse for not providing a clean, healthy restroom. Call Don today to ask about how we can improve your restroom facility.

Work Ethics

Making the workplace an enjoyable environment

We believe that our employees deserve to work in an environment that is free from discrimination, sexual harassment and unnecessary stress. There have never been any incidences of that nature while working witControl Janitorial employees. To that end, Control Janitorial provides instruction to our employees to respect each other and provide support when it is needed. Employees are paired up, women with women and men with men to avoid any improprieties.

Control Janitorial Franchise

Business Franchise Opportunities

If you have dreamed of having your own business, you may be interested in purchasing a franchise from Control Janitorial Barrie. Contact Don for details on how you can start your own cleaning business with no money down. No selling, cold calling or quoting, it's all done for you. This is a business opportunity you won't want to miss.



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